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School-Based Services 

Mental Health Consultation for Independent Schools

Our consultation service, funded by Calgary and area Regional Collaborative Service Delivery, is available when a private or charter school in the Calgary region originates a referral. The service is for students (Grades 1-12) and their families experiencing a mental health difficulty that has exhausted the resources of the school. The Family Psychology Centre's Mental Health Therapists work with students in their own schools to develop skills and solutions that will help them maximize their participation in daily educational activities. We collaborate with our partners at Renfrew Educational Services and Providence Children's Centre to provide focused support for children and youth of all ages until they have either met their goals or can be passed on to a long-term community service.

Referral Process

School staff must initiate the referral by completing both the RCSD and Family Psychology referral forms, along with supporting documents such as assessments and Individual Education Plans. All referral materials must be transmitted either by fax to 403-228-9452 or by e-mail to [email protected] Once referral materials have been received, the case will be placed in the queue to await assignment to a therapist.

Download referral forms.

COPE (Community Outreach of Pediatrics and Psychiatry in Education)

COPE (Community Outreach of Pediatrics and Psychiatry in Education) provides consultation by a pediatrician or psychiatrist in cases where students have complex needs requiring a medical opinion. School must initiate the referral. Inquire about the COPE process or request forms.

Program Staff

Mental Health Therapists

Kara Josephson, M.Ed.
Registered Psychologist
[email protected]

Kate Kolskog, M.Sc.
Registered Psychologist
[email protected]

Tara-Anne Powell, M.A.
Registered Psychologist
[email protected]

Office Manager

Debbie Baker
[email protected]


Jeff Chang, Ph.D.
Registered Psychologist